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What Clients Say

There's no higher compliment than the kind words of our clients. We're proud to share some recent client experiences with you...

Sabrina Isherwood

VP Marketing, Brand and Communications

Combined Insurance

"I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Molly Anderson over the last three years in a couple of different capacities. I had hired Molly to work on a consulting project that I led and was so impressed with her that when I joined Chiro One and needed a seasoned professional who could get up to speed quickly, I made only one phone call. 


Molly is that executive that can juggle not only numerous projects and wear various hats, but do so with grace, strategic steadiness and a consistent brand voice. It's simply not possible to list the numerous talents and strengths she brings to the table. Let me just say that she has been my absolute right hand during my time as CMO at Chiro One and is someone that I plan to work with and be around as much as possible. Her energy, enthusiasm, rock solid gut instinct coupled with writing chops like no other and truly admirable leadership skills make her a rare find. I give my strongest recommendation to Molly Anderson and hold her in a very small circle of my most esteemed colleagues."

"Molly is phenomenal and simply, the total package. Her communication skills are unparalleled; her leadership abilities are inspiring; and her commitment to her team runs eternally deep. Molly can turn around world class projects or critical pieces of communication in record time while managing and nurturing longer-term initiatives and relationships. All this talent and she's an absolutely fantastic human being!"

Janine Makar

Senior Marketing Manager

Dearborn National

"The American Academy of Pain Medicine retained Molly to step in, for an injured member of its marketing team, six weeks before the Academy's annual convention. The situation was challenging in that pre-registration lagged what it had been in prior years; marketing activities had fallen behind schedule; and financial and registration goals were ambitious. Molly stepped in and almost immediately acclimated to the other members of the staff. In planning meetings, she was able to quickly adapt her experience and expertise the specific needs of the Academy. She was particularly instrumental in helping to expand our social media presence for the upcoming convention. Her efforts helped make a tangible difference in terms of our marketing goals for the convention."

Phil Saigh

Executive Director

American Academy of Pain Medicine

"Talk about dependable! Molly is exactly what you're looking for and what you need to handle writing projects. We discuss the assignment and, more likely than not, the finished product shows up in the e-mail inbox before the due date. It's also extremely helpful that Molly is a "one-stop-shop." She's about to tackle any topic and write in whatever style is required -- media release, feature, web site blog, short, long, you name it. Molly is at the top of our list when we have writing needs at Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare."

Keith Hartenberger

Public Information Officer

Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare

"I have worked with Molly Anderson for many years and am always so excited when I get to collaborate with her on a project. In addition to being an amazing writer, Molly is always aware of the overall goals of her clients as well as the audiences they are trying to reach. She digs deep into industry topics, she conducts compelling interviews and she creates pieces that not only fit with a brand's overall mission, but truly reflects their voice.


Molly is so easy to work with and professional--I never worry that assignments will be turned in late or will not reflect the goals of the project. She is a smart content strategist, writer and editor--especially in the area of health and wellness--and is my absolute "go to" person to work with on client campaigns and projects." 

Patti Minglin

Founder & CEO

Go Girl Communications

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